My name is Brooke, and growing up my mom took a zillion, posed family pictures of every occasion from my 1st missing tooth to my first day of college. Yes, seriously college!

As a child, teen, and young adult I lived in fear that an impromptu, awkward family photo session could happen at any moment. Looking back however, while I dreaded my mom's style of posed family portraits, I believe it was she who instilled the foundation for my love of photography. The Carter Family all knew that in case of an emergency we were to save the photo albums because, as my mom often reminded us, everything else could be replaced.

My mom taught me that the memories captured in a photograph happen once in a lifetime, and because of this our photo albums were always treated as priceless treasures.

Flash forward...It wasn't too long before I became the photographer among my friends, documenting college and life afterwards. Once I had my first SLR camera, a Canon 40D, I became obsessed.

Over the years I have developed a style of my own. I love natural light settings and because I know how awkward posed family photos can be, I prefer shooting with a more photo-journalistic, candid style. 

I love photographing beautiful things and documenting the happiest moments of life for my clients.