I met Ari in college and I knew instantly that we would become great friends. In addition to being a fabulous person she is well known for her matchmaking skills.

First it was John Mayer in college. No I did not date John, but when I lost the student body school election to a girl who would later be impeached, Ari came over with Room For Squares and some liquid refreshments to help me get over my disappointment.

I also have Ari to thank for introducing me to my amazing husband Cam. We've been married a little over two years and words cannot express how glad I am that they are both a part of my life.

When Ari met Colin it was cupid's turn to play matchmaker. There is no doubt that these two are perfect for each other. They are like peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, Oreos and milk. They just work.

When Ari announced Colin had popped the question I jumped at the chance to be the first to shoot love's newest match.

Along with two other-halves, Randi Colgan of Randi-Marie Photography & Kate Wright of Blue Door Creative, we planned a library-themed photo shoot at the Los Angeles Library in Downtown, Los Angeles.

I can't wait to celebrate their big day but until then...enjoy.