Holly and Jillian: Styled Holiday Photo Session

I met Jillian when she came to my house trick or treating about two years ago. I knew right away Jillian was something special. Instead of asking for candy, as most children do, she became so excited about our Halloween decorations that she turned and ran home to get her mother so she could come see them for herself.

That night Jillian introduced me to Holly, and we have become great friends ever since. I immediately bonded with Holly over the fact that we both love anything vintage, we adore treasure hunting, and agree that every room in a house needs a chandelier.

This year i was so excited when Holly asked if I would photograph Jillian and her for their annual holiday card. Knowing Holly, it had to be something unique and of course fabulous. With my sweet father-in-law loaning us his 74' Jaguar Convertible in the most awesome mustard yellow color, we had the perfect set of wheels for a vintage travel inspired photo session.