Bethany + Robert: A Shabby Chic, Romantic Wedding

I hate to admit it, but I still get a little nervous whenever I meet new clients. The day I met Bethany was no different, except immediately upon introducing ourselves we began talking as if we were old friends, and by the time our coffee date was over I had fallen in love with both her and her mom who had joined us for a little pre-wedding game plan session.

I knew from our conversations that Bethany was head of heels in L.O.V.E. with her fiance' Robert. They had met while volunteering for a children's summer camp, had survived a years long long-distance relationship, and were now finally going to make it official by becoming husband and wife. 

On the day of their wedding Robert and Bethany wanted to have a special moment for just the two of them and decided to have a first look. An almond orchard provided the perfect, secluded location for Bethany and Robert to meet.   As we were taking pictures we couldn't help but notice how Robert's smile stretched from ear to ear as he watched as his beautiful bride-to-be twirled around in her romantic, white wedding dress.

The highlight of the ceremony came when after years of waiting Robert lifted Bethany's veil and gave her their first kiss as husband and wife.

Family and guests enjoyed dancing and posing for photos at a custom photo booth created by Shabby Chic Weddings and Events. At around 8:30p.m. guests lit up sparklers and the happy new couple made their way through the crowd to leave for their honeymoon. As Bethany and Robert drove off, beautiful white wish lanterns were released and could be seen for miles as they dotted the night's sky.

Every moment of their day was perfect, and it couldn't of happened for two more in love and wonderful people.  

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