Megan + David

To hear the story of Megan Greenberg and David House, one might think they were reading something out of a fairytale. Megan is a California girl, as beautiful inside as she is out, and David is a handsome Englishman born and raised in the UK. Although they were born worlds apart, somehow fate found a way to bring these two perfect souls together.

Their story begins a little something like this, David, who is an actor, came to Los Angeles to follow his dreams, and it was there he met Megan. Their connection was immediate and it wasn’t too long until they both realized that what they had was something amazing.

Maybe it’s because of his background in acting, but David is ITD “In To Details”. He set out to plan a proposal for Megan that would be truly unforgettable. Standing in front of Cinderella’s Castle, with Disneyland Photographers standing by, David dropped down on one knee and asked Megan to be his wife. Megan of course said, “YES” and the once in a lifetime moment was perfectly captured.

The wedding ceremony took place on a gorgeous beach near Malibu. Guests took their seats on blankets in the sand and waited for the bride to make her appearance. David beamed as Megan made her way down an aisle that he created just for her. He told me before the ceremony that he could wait to marry her. A few minutes later David got his wish, and with the most important people in their lives surrounding them Megan and David became husband and wife.