My Father's Feet

I remember being in that awkward stage of teenage life and being overly critical about every feature of my body. My eyes were too big, my thighs had too much cellulite, my ears were too small, and of course my least favorite feature was that I had my father's feet, that if I had to compare them to someone famous would resemble the size and shape of Fred Flintstone's caveman toes.

Oh yes, for most of high school I hid those beauties away with socks or covered shoes. In Bakersfield, where it is not uncommon for summer days to reach temperatures around 100 degrees, my little piggies stayed hidden away.

However, over the years I have grown up and become more comfortable in my own skin. I now realize that my features are my own and I have accepted each one. I tell people my big eyes help me to see better (like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood), my husband loves my little ears, I still struggle with cellulite but must of been crazy to think I had any back then, and my feet they are one of my favorite features because when ever I look down and see them, I think of my dad.

This weekend I had the special honor of photographing the newest addition to the Etherson family, baby Colton. Somehow we started talking about toes and feet and Geoff, the new dad, wanted to see how his feet compared to his son's. Without hesitation Geoff pulled off his socks and jumped on the bed. Hannah carefully placed Colton next to his daddy and as I snapped a few photos it was clear that Colton had his father's feet.

Geoff Etherson and his new son Colton show off their little piggies.