Kelly Zhang

When Jamie was looking for a wedding day make-up team I recommended, without hesitation, the artists from Kelly Zhang Studio. They were with me on my big day, and I remember I look bomb. Just kidding. Seriously though, I felt beautiful and my makeup wasn't heavy or over the top it was just as I wanted it to be natural with a hint of pizazzazz.

Jamie and her girls had such a fun morning getting ready. Three team members from Kelly's studio were there bright and early to make each girl look her best. I have used Kelly Zhang for my wedding and other special events and have found, regardless of who I book to do my hair and makeup, that each artist is always very professional, friendly, and willing to listen to your ideas and suggestions.

Have questions about when to book your make-up artist or want to check out some amazing before and after pics? Click on the Kelly Zhang link below.

Make-Up sure is a magical thing.